"This year, you're going to see the real Malcom!"

An interview with Malcom

INTERVIEW - Thursday, August 3, 2017 - 10:00

Your young Brazilian forward Malcom discusses the team's pre-season preparations and gives us his take on the Europa League qualifying games.

After training this Tuesday (1st August), Malcom took some time out to talk to girondins.com. An opportunity to look back over the pre-season campaign so far, and look ahead to the return leg against Videoton.

giondins.com: Hello Malcom, how have the last few training sessions been ahead of the return leg against Videoton?

Malcom: "Training has been going well. We've been working on our attacking movements and finishing. That's what we needed. In our next game, against Videoton, we need to score. We need to put in a good performance."

The important thing is to win and qualify for the Europa League!

girondins.com: You had two pre-season training camps, one on the Île de Ré and another one in St Jean de Luz. How did that go, from a personal perspective? Have you noticed any differences with the way you do things in Brazil?

Malcom : "It's been good for me, it's allowed me to do the right physical work. To start with we did a lot of physical training (smiles), and then we started practicing with the ball. France is very different from Brazil, this is a much more physical league. Adapting to that physicality has been the hardest thing for me. On a technical level, there's no difference."



girondins.com: In the last few games it's been clear that you're starting to link up well with a few other players, such as Valentin Vada and Younousse Sankharé. How do you feel about those partnerships?

Malcom: "It feels really easy playing with them. When we're playing together against another team, it's easy. We have tricks and techniques to create chances and score goals. Then again, when it comes to matchday it doesn't matter who is in the starting 11, we've got quality players. The important thing is to win and qualify for the Europa League."

girondins.com : Last week you won the first leg (2-1) against Videoton, but it was a close game and qualification is far from guaranteed with that away goal. What do you need to do in Hungary to win the tie?

Malcom: "We need to take that lead and build on it. Videoton have got some very good players, but we need to be better and score. If we get the first goal, I think we'll win. It's going to be a tough game against a strong team. But we've been working hard over the past few weeks. We're ready for this match."

girondins.com: You had a good season last year, have you set yourself any targets for 2017/2018? 

Malcom: "I need to show what I can do on the pitch. Last year I was still adapting to being here, I think I can do better this time round. This year, you're going to see the real Malcolm! [laughs] I don't have any specific targets. I just want to work harder, harder than last season. And that means scoring goals and providing more assists. [smiles] I'm more focused on assists than goals, I'm more of a playmaker than a poacher. I like helping other players to score."