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Polish defender fields our questions

IGOR LEWCZUK - Thursday, November 9, 2017 - 10:10

Igor Lewczuk tells Girondins.com about getting back on the pitch. The defender evokes the next game against Marseille in ten days, and discusses his relationship with his colleagues in central defence. 

girondins.com: Hi Igor! Bordeaux lost the last game, how do you feel the group is doing?
Igor Lewczuk:
We are disappointed! We know that we have lost a few important games. We lost three games in a row. Everyone is conscious that it is not good. We have to stick together now! This is a difficult time for us, for the club. We have to show that we stand together. 


girondins.com: You’ve featured in the last few games, how did it feel to be back on the pitch?
Igor Lewczuk:
For all players, the most important thing is to play! But sometimes you don’t play because of the tactical system or the coach’s choices, and that’s normal. Everybody wants to play. So it was very nice to be back on the pitch.


girondins.com : We have seen you playing in central defence and at right back, do you have a preference?
Igor Lewczuk:
I think that my position is central defender. I had the chance to play on the right, because some players were injured. It was a bit different for me. I understand that playing as wing back is an option.

Between us, there is a very good atmosphere!

girondins.com : How do you stay focused on the championship during the international break?
Igor Lewczuk:
It’s always good to win before a two week break. Now we have two weeks to work hard. We are going to do our best to be ready to start the next game.


girondins.com: The next game is against Marseille, at home, which is always an important match and a tough one. How do you prepare for special games like this one? Does anything change?
Igor Lewczuk:
When you play big games, against big rivals, it doesn’t do any good to change everything. We have to prepare as usual. We know that it’s an important game, not just for the players but also for the staff, the club and the supporters. But on the field we should not change too much.


girondins.com: What’s your analysis of Marseille’s style of play?
Igor Lewczuk:
They have many possibilities with their forwards. They have quick players with good vision, creativity, and skill. They’re a good team. We can’t focus on one or two players; it’s about the whole team.

[...] be good with Bordeaux.

girondins.com: In Bordeaux, there are three central defenders: Jérémy Toulalan, Vukasin Jovanovic and you. How is the competition between the three of you?
Igor Lewczuk:
It’s a fair competition. They are very nice guys, very good players. We talk to each other. Of course, the coach makes his decisions. Between us, there is a very good atmosphere. We work together.


girondins.com: Poland have qualified for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. You played for the national team a few years ago, are you still hoping to be called up to the squad?
Igor Lewczuk:
Of course! But for now my objective is to be good with Bordeaux. I lost my place in the national team. The two things are related. If I want my place back in the national team, I need to perform with the Girondins. I’ll do my best and work hard for that.