Recruitment Conditions

How can you join the Girondins Academy?

We receive lots of questions about our training centre: here are the answers!

How can you join the Girondins Academy?

Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions, providing information on the general conditions and requirements for young players wishing to join the Academy.


FC Girondins de Bordeaux is equipped with:

  • an ACADEMY TRAINING CENTRE for players aged 15 - 18 (maximum 48 apprentices per season).
  • a PRE-ACADEMY TRAINING CENTRE for players aged 13 - 14 (maximum 20 players per season).

Accommodation is provided for young players, along with academic support and a thorough sporting education.


Recruitment conditions

  • You must be between 13 and 18 years old when recruited to the Academy (i.e. the season before joining the Club).
  • You must be French or European. In accordance with FIFA regulations (Article 19), players from outside the European Union who are under the age of 18 are not permitted to sign contracts or obtain amateur player licenses with professional football clubs in France.

In order to join the Academy at 15, you must successfully complete your middle school diploma (Brevet).

Who can join?

Recruitment focuses primarily on players aged 13-14, with 15 to 20 places available each season.

For the upper age groups a maximum of ten places per season are available, because the young players who join the Academy at 13 often stay on until they reach the age of 18.

For players aged 18 and over who have not yet turned professional (CFA squad), there are very few places at this age level, and applications are not accepted as recruitment is by recommendation only. The players in the CFA (reserve) team are mostly Academy graduates. There is very little external recruitment at this level.


How does the recruitment process work?

The Club's youth recruitment director has a team of scouts working all over France (Ligue d’Aquitaine, Ligue du Centre Ouest, Ligue Méditerranée, Ligue de Paris Ile de France) and in a number of other countries. These scouts are constantly on the move, scouring the nation's football pitches in search of new talent.

Players scouted in this manner are invited to take part in the trials organised throughout the season, during school holidays. If these trials go well, the Club will invite new players to join the pre-Academy or Academy group, depending on their age.

To join the Club or take part in our trials, you first need to be scouted. There are no application forms to fill in, and you cannot sign up to trials without being invited.

If you feel that you meet the entrance criteria, you may write a letter to the club. Nevertheless, the best way to be spotted and invited to trials is to play your very best for your club. The recruitment director has a vast network of contacts (coaches, teachers etc.). If a young player is suitable Academy material, he'll know about it.

What are the recruitment dates?

The recruitment period runs from September to April, with a summer break in the off-season (May-September).