A message for Jaro

Our heartfelt farewell to Jaroslav Plasil

HOMMAGE - Saturday, May 18, 2019 - 09:30

Jaroslav Plasil is leaving us at last - what a decade it's been!


All good things must end some day, and here we are. Now that you've played your final game for Bordeaux, we couldn't resist picking up our pen... or keyboard… to say a few words.


First of all: thank you. Thank you for ten years devoted to Bordeaux. That sort of loyalty has become rare in modern football. We know you're not one for statistics, but allow us just one: 367. You've played 367 games for our club, putting you at number 8 in the list of Bordeaux's most prolific players. And for a club with a history as long as ours, that's quite a feat.


Thank you for the good times, for that unforgettable goal against Lyon in 2010. That 30 yard scorcher that had the whole of Lescure dancing. For that wonderful Champions League adventure in 2010, which none of us will ever forget. For bringing home the Coupe de France in 2013, for the first time since 1987.


And thank you for being there when times weren't so good. Those times when you gave your all, even if results weren't going our way. Those moments when you put aside your natural modesty and spoke up as a leader. Those moments when you inspired the whole team to carry on the fight. Thank you for never giving up, for always battling like a true warrior. For all your technical flair and two-footed wizardry, you never hesitated to get stuck in.


And finally, thank you for everything that you have represented over these past ten years. An example to the younger players. An example to us all. Because you never needed a dressing room rant or a petulant interview to get your point across. That's not your style. You led by example with your work rate, your attitude and your professionnalism. Not everybody gets to play 21 years of professional football. You've always been a man of dignity, in victory as in defeat. And you've always respected that legendary blue and white shirt, and the fans and employees who live and breathe for it. You've always respected the institution that this club represents. We'll miss you on the pitch, but we hope to see you again very soon. Thank you Jaro, thank you for everything.