Matmut Atlantique / The Pitch

Our stadium is equipped with a hybrid playing surface, a combination of synthetic and natural grass using Novarea's patented Airfibr technology. No soil was required to lay the base for this pitch, which sits on a new-generation substrate composed of fine-grained sand, cork granules and 450 billion synthetic fibres, ensuring that the grass takes root and provides optimal playing conditions.




As the only pitch of its kind in France, this new playing surface marks a big step forward. Like the stadium itself, the pitch was designed to host various types of events: football, rugby and major concerts.


Did you know?

  • The pitch substrate contains millions of balls of cork, 450 billion synthetic fibres and a ton of fine-grained sand
  • The dimensions of the football pitch are 107 m x 68 m
  • This new type of pitch reduces the risk of injury for the players by 40%
  • The natural ball roll range is 6 metres, with a rebound height of 90cm
  • Three full-time staff (including the groundskeeper) work to keep the pitch in optimal condition, mowing the grass to a precise height of 2.8cm before each game.