Lukas Lerager :« It's time for revenge »

The Danish player shared his opinions about the next match.

INTERVIEW - Friday, February 9, 2018 - 16:49

Lukas Lerager talked about his new coach, new teammates and the next opponent, Amiens. : Hi Lukas, Bordeaux had three-match winning streak, what do you think about it


Lukas Lerager: We had been through some difficult moments and then we won three matches. It is good for us to build up confidence and to play. But of course we need to look up to the top. Hopefully we can continue in this way. : Now we ranked the 8th in the first division. During this period, the staffs and the coach had changed. How did you go through this

Lukas Lerager: It is never funny when a coach is going. It is a tough position. Of course I understand they have to do something. That is football and that is life. As players, we have to look forward. Of course we were a part of it but we also got our jobs to do. When the new coach and staffs are coming, they will bring a lot of energy. I like this point.

2018.01.16_fcgb_smc_026.jpg : So it is a difficult period for you

Lukas Lerager: Yes, but you know, it was for the whole team. We started to lose and lose, the confidence is gone. You don’t have a good moment and you don’t feel good. When the confidence lost a lot, you don’t play as you normally do. : So now Mr. Poyet is our new coach, what’s the differences between him and Mr. Gourvennec

Lukas Lerager: Every coach has their styles. How they train the players, how they play the games and how they talk before the match, etc. For us, the coach is different. Mr. Poyet is one type and Mr. Gourvennec is another type.

We press more forward, especially for me as a midfield ! : What‘s the positive points that Mr. Poyet had brought to the team

Lukas Lerager: We press more forward, especially for me as a midfield. It is important for the defenders to go with the team and to press more forward so that there is not much space in between. That is a big step for us.

meite-lerager.jpg : Now the transfer window is closed, Soualiho and Martin had joined the club. Could you tell us more about your new teammates

Lukas Lerager: I know Soualiho from Zulte Waregem, in Belgium, he is a really good player and I always like to play with him. He is a good guy. On the pitch, he is strong and he has a good mentality. When he wants to play, he is really good. Martin, I know him from the nationality team. I also know him from Denmark. We played a lot. He is really fast, sometimes he does something that you don’t expect. That’s good for the team to have a player like him. It’s really good for the club to sign him. : This Saturday, Bordeaux is going to play against Amiens. They had defeated Bordeaux in the first match with the score 1 0. But now this opponent is in difficult situation. They only won 1 match during the last 5 games. What do you think about this

Lukas Lerager: Of course you can say they only won one during the five matches. But the thing is that the more you lose the more you want to win for the next game. We tried it also. We had lost before and now we have to revenge.

2018.01.13-estac-05.jpg : And what type of match will it be in Saturday

Lukas Lerager : We will press them a lot . This time we play at home. We have the confidence now and we have to keep focus on the match. We just need to continue and do the same we do in the previous match. :  What’s your goal for the rest of this season

Lukas Lerager: To come close to higher ranking. Hopefully ,to take more steps through the bottom and the middle. For the team, that is the most important.