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Tickets for 2019/2020 on sale now

BILLETTERIE - Thursday, June 20, 2019 - 11:35

Our season tickets are now on sale ! Five formats, five atmospheres, five ways to share your passion for the Girondins.

Signing up to our new Membre 100% Bordeaux programme is the best way to stay close to the club we all love, with a loyalty package designed to reward our most faithful supporters. The club's aim is to:

  • Recognise the fans as key stakeholders in the club, and provide an array of services at the stadium (parking, special gates, restaurant facilities, backstage tours) but also elsewhere (meetings with the directors, staff and players).


  • Get fans as close to the pitch as possible, acknowledging that your passion and support are essential for motivating the players.


  • Bring everybody together, die-hard fans and occasional spectators alike, to celebrate our shared passion for the Marine et Blanc.


  • Provide you with a fan experience that meets your expectations, not just on match day but every day. That means new initiatives to make those bonds between club and fans tighter.

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Becomin a 100% Bordeaux member gives you access to a new status which brings with it stacks of advantages, now and in the future. We will soon be launching the 100% Bordeaux supporters' trust, known as "Le Conseil." The Conseil will be consulted on some of the club's most important strategic decisions.

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Signing up to 100% Bordeaux is about choosing the format which works best for you. We have five different options which offer five very different fan experiences. The idea is to let you decide how you want to support your favourite club!

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For those fans who wish to keep their current seats, if they happen to be located outside the newly-designated 100% Bordeaux zones, the club has decided to reward your loyalty by offering you full access to the 100% Bordeaux platform for this season, including all the advantages offered by our commercial partners and invitations to a barbecue with the players and staff.