Exclusive interview with Frédéric Longuépée

Club president speaks to France Bleu Gironde

VIDéO - Friday, May 29, 2020 - 09:59

Frédéric Longuépée granted a long interview to France Bleu Gironde this morning.

Frédéric Longuépée gave a lengthy radio interview this morning on France Bleu Gironde. In this half-hour discussion, our club president chatted about all the latest Girondins news.

The interview included a detailed discussion of the current health crisis and its economic impact on the club and its majority shareholder. Mr. Longuépée also gave some indications of the expected capacity of the stadium if social distancing measures are maintained, as well as explaining the current state of affairs for season ticket subscriptions.

And of course, there was plenty of time to cover the latest sporting news from the first team, the Ladies and the Academy sides, as well as the club's new partnerships with local amateur clubs. The wide-ranging chat also touched upon the current state of relations with Bordeaux's city council, the crisis of communication with the Ultramarines, the new logo… Watch the full interview here!