A close call (1-1, 4-2 pens)

Girondines through to the Coupe de France quarter-finals

COUPE DE FRANCE FéMININE - Sunday, February 2, 2020 - 17:00

Once again, Bordeaux qualify after a nerve-wracking penalty shoot-out.

The sun was shining in Montauban on this unseasonally warm February afternoon, and the locals had turned out in number to cheer on their team against the high-flying Girondines.

Pedro Martinez Losa selected a slightly changed starting XI:

Nayler, Sousa (puis Lardez), Thibaud, Gilles (puis Cascarino), Chatelin, Jaurena, Istillart (c), Karchouni, Lavogez, Sarr, Garbino.

Bordeaux got off to a good start, dominating possession and moving the ball around well as they looked for a chink in Montauban's defensive armour. But the hosts had their moments too, with captain Charlotte Fromantin leading by example. In the Montauban goal, her twin sister put on an impressive display to save a flurry of shots from the Girondines. The break eventually came in the 40th minute, when Kathellen Sousa both started and finished an excellent attacking movement to nudge Bordeaux into the lead (0-1).

The Girondines returned for the second half looking to keep that momentum up, but Charlotte Fromantin had other plans and promptly equalised for Montauban with an astounding shot from 30 metres out (1-1, 53'). Galvanised by this wonder goal, the hosts fought hard and caused all sorts of problems for the Girondines. Things got worse when Claire Lavogez was handed a red card for a reckless challenge (62'). The last twenty minutes were frantic, but neither side managed to find the goal - once again, the Girondines were going to have to settle things with a penalty shoot-out.

Once again, it was Erin Nayler's time to shine. She saved two penalties while her team-mates kept their cool and scored all of their spot kicks despite the difficult conditions (two penalties had to be retaken because the Montauban keeper failed to stay on her line).

The Girondines are through to the 1/4 finals of the Coupe de France, with the draw for the next round due to be held early this week.