Benoît Costil voices his frustration

Girondins beaten in Nice (1-0)

MATCH L1 - Saturday, January 12, 2019 - 22:31

Benoît Costil spoke to beIN SPORTS after the game

Benoît Costil gave a brief interview after the defeat in Nice (1-0), sharing his frustration at seeing the Girondins lose another game they dominated:

"We had plenty of chances, but we didn't take them… And Nice's goal wasn't even from a proper chance! We're very frustrated tonight. Nice have ended up taking all six points from our matches this season. I just said to Jaja (Christophe Jallet) after the match, I don't know how you've got six points off us this season. He said if we didn't like it we should score some goals. There you go."

Source: beIN SPORTS.