The Academy Philosophy

The fundamental values of the Girondins' training centre

Training: a top priority

Since the foundation of our Academy more than 15 years ago, FC Girondins de Bordeaux has put training at the top of the club's list of priorities. We have long been convinced that an ambitious training policy is a fundamental requirement for sporting success: educating the next generation of players, instilling in them the values of our illustrious club, and in doing so securing our future.

This policy has borne fruit in recent years, with the Academy turning out talented players of international renown. Every year, several players trained at Le Haillan become professional footballers with the Girondins or other clubs. The Academy teams regularly top their respective leagues and bring home silverware such as the Coupe Gambardella in 2013.


In 1999, the arrival of M6 as the principal shareholder in FC Girondins de Bordeaux provided a boost to the club's efforts to prioritise youth training. The owners remain more committed than ever to developing the Academy, investing in new sporting facilities and other amenities while reinforcing the coaching teams with elite specialists.

FC Girondins de Bordeaux has further expanded the club's commitment to coaching excellence, establishing a partnership with a sister academy in Argentina: Proyecto Crecer. Every year, promising young Argentinian players get to test their abilities against the club's demanding training standards, with regular training camps at Le Haillan.

Young players joining the FC Girondins de Bordeaux Academy receive a comprehensive sporting and academic education, preparing them to join the professional squad.

With this goal in mind, the Academy provides its young charges with all of the resources they need to succeed in the world of work as well as in professional football.

Their success is our number one priority!


Academic and sporting education

Throughout their time with the club, young players receive an academic education in parallel with their sporting development. In order to reach their full potential, they need to succeed in both. That is why the Girondins de Bordeaux are determined to help our young charges find the right balance between their sporting passion and their academic obligations, ensuring that they are properly equipped for professional lives outside of football.

Academic education

Education plays a fundamental role in the development of young players. All players enrolled at the Academy are required to complete a full secondary education. With the aim of promoting academic excellence, the Club has established its own Private Technical School. The school works in partnership with the Institut Péret for general baccalaureate studies and the Institut Bernom for BTS, BEP and vocational studies.

Our youngest players (Pre-Academy) are enrolled at Collège Emile Zola, located nearby in the town of Le Haillan.

A specially-adapted timetable

Our Academy players follow a specially-adapted timetable, allowing them to balance their sporting and academic commitments. This timetable is governed by an agreement signed with our partner schools: lessons finish at 3pm every day, leaving more time for training.

In the evenings, between 8 and 10pm, our young charges have extra study periods with teachers at the Academy. Young players therefore receive the same lessons as any other teenager, providing them with a thorough education which will be invaluable in the future.

A standard week


Football training

A clear objective: the professional team

The FC Girondins de Bordeaux Academy is home to around 60 young players between the ages of 13 and 20. The squad is split into three groups. Between the ages of 13 and 15 young players are considered to be in the "pre-Academy" phase, before moving on to apprentice status between the ages of 15 and 18. Next comes the transitional phase between the Academy and the professional team, when the players learn the ropes with the Girondins' reserve team. This whole training process is geared towards one clear objective: meeting the exacting standards of the professional team.

Tailored support

Physiological and technical tests are conducted twice per year. Based on their results, players receive targeted individual training plans. The head of sporting development is in regular contact with the manager of the professional team, who keeps a close eye on the development of all of our youth players with a view to integrating them into the first team squad.


Thorough medical support

Our Academy players are elite-level athletes, and we know how important it is to monitor their progress in order to prevent injuries and allow them to reach and maintain their peak physical condition. With this in mind, the Academy has its own in-house medical team working with the youth teams. Thanks to the constant medical presence and regular interactions with coaches and players, the medical staff are able to offer bespoke, personalised support and care.

A full support staff for our players

The Academy's medical team is comprised of a specialist sports doctor, a physiotherapist and a physical conditioning coach, all experts in preventing and treating injuries. On call 24/7, the Academy doctor is present at all training sessions and matches. He is in daily contact with the players and coaches, in order to identify any problems early on and provide the advice and care required to succeed at the highest level of professional sport.

Regular check-ups

At the start of each season, the medical team conduct comprehensive physical check-ups on all of our players: sleep patterns, clinical condition, cardio-vascular, digestive and neurological health, muscle and bone health etc. The club doctor and coaching staff also conduct biometric, physical and physiological evaluations of each player.