About the Club

Founded in 1881, our club has helped shape the history of French football

When a new sports club was founded in Bordeaux's Capucins district in 1881, nobody could have predicted that it would go on to mark the history of French football. Read on for a (very) brief summary of our club's illustrious history.


1st October 1881


Administrative HQ and training centre:

Rue Joliot Curie - 33187 Le Haillan Cedex
Tel. 0 892 68 34 33 [€0.65 per call] - Fax + 33 (0)5 56 57 54 46

Contact the club

Email: infofcgb@girondins.com
Site Internet: www.girondins.com
Telephone: 0 892 68 34 33 [€0.65 per call]
Twitter: https://twitter.com/girondins
Facebook: www.facebook.com/girondins
Instagram: www.instagram.com/girondins
Box Office: http://billetterie.girondins.com
Ex-players' club: anciens@girondins.com

Club Management

President of the Board of Directors: Jean-Louis TRIAUD
President: Joe DAGROSA
General Director: Frédéric LONGUEPEE
Managing Director: Alain DEVESELEER
Football Director : Eduardo MACIA
Technical Director: Ulrich RAME
Administrative and Financial Director: Catherine STEVA
Marketing Director / Stadium Manager : Hervé FALEYEUX
Commercial and Communication Director: Jacques D'ARRIGO

Men's Football

Professional Squad

Head Coach: Paulo SOUSA
Assistant Coach: Victor Sanchez LLADO
Assistant Coaches and Analysts: Manuel CORDEIRO et Cosimo CAPPAGLI
Physical Conditioning Coach / Fitness Coach: Rafael MALDONADO
Physical Conditioning Coach: Eric BEDOUET
Goalkeeping Coach: Paulo FERNANDES GRILO
Video Analyst: Cyril DUHAL
Medical Staff: Doctors Thierry DELMEULE & Hervé PETIT
Physios: Jacques THEBAULT, David DAS NEVES & Fabien BOUSCARRAT
Recruitment and Supervision: Thierry BONALAIRE, Eric GUERIT, Paul MARCHIONI
Press Relations: Aurélie CARREY

Academy / Ecole de Football

Academy Director: Patrick BATTISTON
Academy Recruitment Director: Yannick STOPYRA
National 2 (Reserve) Head Coach: Philippe LUCAS
National 2 (Reserve) Assistant Coach: Matthieu CHALME
U19 Head Coach: Jean-Luc DOGON
U17 Head Coach: André PENALVA
U17 Assistant Coach: Marcelo VADA
U17 (Reserve) Head Coach: Romain LACOMBE
Goalkeeping Coach: Franck CHAUMIN

U16 Head Coach : Sylvain BLAQUART
U14 Coach: Emmanuel TANGUY
U13 Coach: Cédric BRAIDY
U12 Coach: Jonathan ROYER
Director of the Ecole de Football: Cédric BRAIDY
U11 Coach: Guillaume TANASESCU
U10 Coach: Baptiste MALAVELLE + Théo GUIMARD
U9 Coach: Thomas HERRERIA
U8 Coach: Fayçal AÏT OUADDI
U7 Coach: Benoît PIGOUT

Goalkeeping Coach (U7 to U11): Bruno GOUZOU 
Goalkeeping Coach (U12 - U14): Christopher SERFATY

Women's Football

Vice-President: Françoise BRUNET
Technical Director: Ulrich RAME
Team Manager: Margaux ANGLADE

First Team

Head Coach: Jérôme DAUBA
Assistant Coach - Physical Conditioning: Laurent FRICONNET
Goalkeeping Coach: Cécilie QUATREDENNIER
Video Analyst: Maëva RUIZ
Team Doctor: Etienne MASSON
Physio: Marine DE MATOS et Virginie BELIN

Second Team

Head Coach: Julia ARPIZOU

Youth Teams

Head of Youth Football: Julia ARPIZOU 
National U19 Coach: Margaux AIME
Regional U17 Coach: Elsa BUGER
U15 Coach: Frédéric QUERCY
U14 Coach: Romain VITRY
U13 Coach: Mickaël SMITH
U11 Coach: Amandine CASTANDET
U9-U10 Coach: Lionel PRADEAU

General Information:


Club Colours

Navy Blue / White [home].
White / Claret [away].
Claret / Purple / Pink [third].



Shareholders: GACP [99%], Association FC Girondins de Bordeaux [1%].

Kit: Puma.

Main sponsors of the men's team: Sweetcom, Bistro Régent.
Official partners of the men's team : Orange, Pitaya, SportsWeather, Winamax.
Official suppliers to the men's team: Abatilles, Boulanger, Cdiscount, Crédit Agricole d'Aquitaine, MonAlbumPhoto.fr, La Bordelaise de Lunetterie.

Sponsors of the women's team: PSI, Intersport, Osé, Maison Meneau, Le Bihan C10, Infinitif, Mairie de Blanquefort, La Bordelaise de Lunetterie.

Youth team sponsor: Clairefontaine.

Institutional partners: Mairie de Bordeaux, Conseil Général de la Gironde, Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine.




Capacity: 42,150 places.
Average attendance: 26,048 spectators/game (2017-2018).
Main supporters' associations: Ultramarines Bordeaux 1987, Les Irréductibles, Marine et Blanc Ile de France, etc.